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Crime Scene Wide Floor/Wall Level Tracing Footprints Lamp OR-GZJ40

   It gives a wide floor level light beam which is ideal for detecting and photographing surface debris, shoe prints and any other micro traces evidence on the ground and wall

Key technical parameters:

Ø Spot size: at 0.5 meter8cm*54cm      at 1 meter18cm*85cm

Ø Spot illumination: at 0.5 meter60000Lx   at 1meter 17000Lx

Ø Color temperature: 5000K

Ø Power: 30W

Ø External dimension: 150mm*141*26mm

Ø Lighting time: 60min

Ø Charging voltage: 8.4V

Ø Battery capacity: 5600mA

Ø Operating current: 1.4A

Ø Charging current: 1A

Ø Battery type: Lithium-ion battery

Ø Light path characteristics: 2 sets of lens integrate the spot into flat light.

Ø Function: 1. Start the self-locking key, 2. Voltage and electricity supervision; the voltage is green light when the battery voltage is saturated, pink light when the voltage is 2/3 saturation condition, red light when the voltage is lower than the 1/3 saturation condition to remind the users of insufficient electric quantity.

Ø Shell, black aluminum alloy

Ø Working temperature: Normal temperature

Ø Heat dissipation: Air cooling: (5 groups of mute heat dissipation fans)

Ø Net weight: 0.75KG

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