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Crime Scene Wide Footprint Tracing Lamp OR-GZJ80

Crime Scene Wide Footprint Tracing Lamp OR-GZJ80  

Main parameters:

Rated power of light source: ≥80W     

Working voltage: 16.8V

Battery type: Polymer lithium-ion battery,8Ah

Charging current: 4A,   

Charging time: 3 hrs

Working current and voltage: 5A@16.8V

Working temperature: normal temperature

Light spot uniformity: 70%

Rated working time: 1h          

Light spot size at 0.5 m: length: 140mm, height: 8cm     

Projection angle: 10 degrees

Shell: aluminum alloy

Heat dissipation: air cooling, housing temperature rising ≤15

Shell dimension: 235*280*45mm

Net weight: ≥3.5kg


Mainly used for the detection of footprints, traces and micro material evidence, etc. on all kinds of ground.

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