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Police illumination
  • Police High Intensity Flashlight OR-G308

    OR-G308, imported high light 4*10W LED light source, aviation aluminum alloy shell and high-performance lithium-ion batteries. flashlight working cycle: working light-strong light-blasting flash- turn off.

  • Police High Intensity Flashlight OR-G306

    OR-G306, uses imported high brightness 10W LED light source, aviation aluminum alloy shell and high-performance lithium-ion batteries.in a sequential cycle: low light, working light, strong light, flash light and off.

  • Police High Intensity Light Adjustable Flashlight O…

    OR-G305, Power:3W Weight: 0.155kg Stepless & adjustable brightness, the brightness for last time use will be automaticallymemorized. Lithiumion battery: 2,200mAh Dimension: φ29*139mm

  • Police High Intensity Illumination Flashlight OR-G3…

    OR-G304, Power:5WKey switch: Working mode in sequential cycle: low light, stronglight, flash and off. Dimension: head:≤φ44 mm, cylinder body:≤φ28mm, total length:≤240mmWeight: ≤0.36kg

  • Police High Intensity Rechargeable Flashlight OR-G3…

    OR-G303, 3W imported LED,Two charging modes of 220V electric supply and 12V automobile charger.in a sequential cycle: low light, working light, strong light and off.Strong light can continuously work for more than 3 hours.Working light can ...

  • Police Hight Intensity Searchlights OR-GLED48

    OR-GLED48, brightness: up to 3,000Lm,Light source: LED 3*10W, Lighting distance: up to more than 500 meters, low light- working light- strong light- flash-off.

  • Police High Brightness LED Searchlight OR-GLED24

    OR-GLED24, LED brightness: America-imported CREE high brightness LED lamp,four notches (off- strong light- low light- flash),Reflective cup: metal materials, high temperature resistant reflective coating

  • Police High Intensity Illumination LED Searchlight …

    OR-GLED12, Power: 3*3W Boundarydimension: ≤φ86mm*161mmWeight:≤0.8kg police illumination on the crime scene.

  • Police Handheld High Intensity HID Searchlight OR-G…

    OR-GHID25, Energy-efficient: It adopts imported HID bulbs, which have high lighting efficiency, good visual effect, long life-span and strong shock proof performance, and the color temperatures are optional from 4,300K to 6,000K.

  • Police Hand-held High Light HID Searchlight OR-GHID…

    OR-GHID35T. adopts imported HID bulbs which have high light efficiency, good visual effect, very long life-span and strong vibration resistance.the button switch has a good touch feeling and the light can be hung on one hand or held in one


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