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Police illumination
  • Police Handheld Strong Light Searchlight OR-G9001

    It is a new generation of rechargeable light which adopts a waterproof design and ultra-strong light source, and has a portable appearance.

  • Crime Scene Portable High Illumination Search Spotl…

    Adopt international advanced circuit design, high quality bulbs, lithium batteries and other materials with high performances. Rainproof, high brightness, long continuous working time (up to 10 hrs),....

  • Police Handheld High Bright Searchlight OR-G6001

    a new generation of rechargeable light which adopts a waterproof design and ultra-strong light source, and has a portable appearance. The charging and discharging circuits can automatically manage the batteries, ensuring the life-span of the light.

  • Police Crime Scene High Light Spotlight OR-GST40W

    new type strong light lamps which adopt advanced circuit and unique appearance design; it uses high quality bulbs and lithium batteries, enabling itself with excellent performance,,

  • Police Crime Scene Portable Headlamps OR-G7001

    strong light, with a very small appearance of 11 * 12.5 * 4 (cm) and ultra-light body weight (except bulb holder) of 0.37 kg,Either hand-held or hang on waist using the belt clip on the light...

  • Forensic Portable Head-wear Four-band&Uniform D…

    smallized, lightweight, designed to release the test engineers hands during investigation. adopts the optical principle of projector, wide light projection, and the 4-color light spots have the same sizes and uniform light output ..

  • Scene High Light RC Spotlight OR-GYK100

    This product adopts 35W gas discharge bulb / 100W halogen tungsten bulb, which have high brightness, long life-span and high light gathering performance, and the bulbs can turn up and down, left and right through ...

  • Vehicle-mounted lamp OR-GCZ40

    The product adopts the high light LED as light source as well as the reflection cup to achieve remote irradiation with high brightness, which can reach irradiation distance of 200 m.


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