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  • Latent fingerprint development

    It is used to manifest the sweat fingerprints on all kinds of paper material (such as A4 copy paper, paper boxing material, Napkin paper, kraft paper and so on). No need chemical reagent. Therefore, it will not pollute the paper. Fingerprints can be completely manifested, even if the fingerprints with a little sweat can be manifested.

  • Forensic Laser Light Source

    Discovery and detect the material evidences which have fluorescence reaction and also can be excited fluorescence, such as fingerprints (on metal surface, plastic mats, duplicating paper and label paper), saliva, semen stains, traces of blood, urine traces, sweat stains, fiber, broken bones and shooting residues on textiles, etc. It is also mainly used to detect all kinds of traces, fingerprints...

  • Forensic Multi-wavelengths Light Source

    It is mainly used to detect all kinds of traces, fingerprints, biomaterial, etc. and take photos, extract evidences at the crime scene and in the laboratory. Multi-wavelengths designed in one unit convenient for investigators actual use and easy to carry.

  • Forensic photography

    The photography system of IR & UV directional reflection, using the UV emission principle, through imaging of IR & UV (IR & UV camera), transfers the IR & UV image into the visible light pictures.

  • Crime scene supplies

    Providing equipment at crime scene, such as: wide floor level tracing lamp, handheld uniform working light, searchlight and photographic system. Mainly used for the detection and photograph of footprints, traces and micro traces evidence, etc. on all kinds of ground.

  • Police illumination

    Lighting products that used at all kinds of wide range of the scene, such as search light, dazzling light, strong light flashlight, detection light source combination, ect.

  • Dazzling device

    high brightness LED lamp and projector type combined optical lens, It can realize positioning dazzling, imposing strong light, frequency and color conversion to targeted personnel, causing temporary dizzy and blind.

  • Portable light tower

    with double high intensity discharge bulbs giving out a type of white light similar to sun light. Integrated lifting bracket and control board make it easy to carry, and it has a variety of advantages, such as high brightness, wide lighting range (floodlight), long life-span, long working time and rainproof, etc.

  • Light Source Applications

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