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Forensic Touch DNA
  • Forensic Portable Visualize TOUCH DNA Locating Devi…

    OR-GDNA4000 DOWNLOADLocateDNA offers a complete solution to search, reveal, and collect DNA evidence including Touch DNA, body fluids, and other traces using state of the art forensic search and detection tools. High-efficiency location of Touch DNA (epit

  • TOUCH DNA Visible Extraction System OR-GDNA1000

    Touch DNA, also know as Trace DNA, is a forensic method for analysing DNA left at the scene of a crime, it only requires very small samples, for example from the skin cells left on an object

  • Microscale Biological Evidence (Touch DNA) Microsco…

    1, INTRODUCTIONThe system conducts Touch DNA search and collection by special spectrum.The special spectrum imaging technique system is aiming at discriminating, locating and extracting micro-scale Touch DNA correctly which are invisible and hidden in com

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