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Scene High Light RC Spotlight OR-GYK100

Scene High Light RC Spotlight OR-GYK100

Product features:

This product adopts 35W gas discharge bulb / 100W halogen tungsten bulb, which have high brightness, long life-span and high light gathering performance, and the bulbs can turn up and down, left and right through wireless remote controller, making it convenient for operation.

1. Light source mode: HID35W / halogen tungsten bulb 100W, with brightness up to 100,000 candlepower and life-span more than 20,000 hours.

2 Power supply modes: DC12V power supply, the cigarette lighter in a car or ship can support long working time.

3. Shell: High quality ABS plastic has strong antioxidant and impact resistant performance.

4. Waterproof: rainproof design can be used in heavy rain.

5. Operation mode: The wireless remote controller can control the rotation angles and projection directions within 30 meters of the light.

Main parameters:

  • Input voltage: DC 12V or AC 220V (converter connection)   
  • Bulb: working voltage : 12v
  • Working current: 3A/8.5A
  • Average life-span: >20,000hrs
  • Power: 35W / 100W
  • Lighting distance: >1,200m
  • Rotation angle: 80 degrees up and down
  • 320 degrees left and right
  • Effective range of remote control 30m  
  • Luminous intensity ≥33,000cd
  • Weight: 3kg

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