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Vehicle-mounted lamp OR-GCZ40

Police Vehicle-mounted lamp OR-CZ40W

Performance features:

The product adopts the high light LED as light source as well as the reflection cup to achieve remote irradiation with high brightness, which can reach irradiation distance of 200 m. The precise mechanical structure is used in the holder to realize the multi-angle rotation, at the same to prevent car lamp shaking and to reduce vibration influence of the car during the travel. The whole system adopts the waterproof sealing structure, in order to guarantee to prevent rain when working under severe environment.

Key technical parameters:

Power: 30WMAX 40W

External connection voltage: Input 10~30V, use the auto vehicle voltage 12v (working current 2.5A).

Installed on the A column of the vehicle, control the irradiation direction with manual operation.

Shell: LED light body adopts the aviation aluminum alloy, and the holder part mainly adopts the 304 stainless steel.

Net weight: 1.5kg

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