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Portable Ultra-wide Spectrum Evidence Searching and Imaging System OR-GQP5000


Portable Ultra-wide Spectrum Evidence Searching and Imaging System adopts high-quanlity imaging sensor. This system has built-in WIFI hotspot, which can also be used in places without WIFI (this product comes with WIFI without mobile phone data). Stable performance and view fluently. It can take photographs & Videography of non-permeable object fingerprints, blood stains on dark textiles, traces, document inspection and other material evidence of crime scene, and take evidence. Quantum efficiency of 365 nm is more than 70%. It is convenient to take to the crime scene to extract evidences. It can take static and dynamic photographs from UV, visible lights to infrared spectra. It integrates the functions of material evidence search, high definition photography and real-time image processing.



  1. Wavelengths/power: 365nm/12W7000K/3W450nm/3W ,850nm/3W

  2. Battery: built-in Li batteries, capacity 5Ah.

  3. Charging Voltage: DC8.4V, Automatic Management of Battery Charge and Discharge

  4. Filters: 365nm 450nm850nm

  5. Dimensions: L* W * H ( 98 * 71 * 96mm) ; Lens: φ ≤ 30mm

  6. Weight:≤0.34Kg (not including Mobile Communication Device)



  1. Portable, single-person operation, material evidence searching and extracting, work efficiently.

  2. The system built-in WIFI hotspot, download professional software, support mobile phone photograph, video, storage, modify resolution, view pictures and videos etc. more functions, pictures can access local albums.

  3. The system host is integrated by lens, light source, color filter. Mobile communication device is fixed on the product bracket to realize integrated design.

  4. Fixing method: can be hand-held or fixed on the tripod 1/4" interface (3/8" can be converted 1/4")

  5. Power indication: When the battery voltage is saturated, the indicator light is green. When the battery voltage is 2/3 of the saturated state, it is a pink light. When the battery voltage is lower than 1/3 indicates red light, means insufficient power.

  6. The system can search within certain distance, such as: wall surface, plastic steel window, stainless steel, mirror surface, transparent glass, plastic, coated paper, marble, furniture, etc. non-permeability sample object where fingerprints or palm prints on, to shoot and evidence collection. And macro imaging extract evidences.

  7. The system searches for evidence on the crime scene or dark-color cotton clothing, fabrics, black tiles, micro-splash or dripping blood.

  8. Non-destructive searching and locating traces rapidly.



  1. Applicable to non-permeable objects latent finger/palm prints, live shooting, video recording, and evidence extraction. Example: Object like wall, wood surface, aluminum alloy doors and windows, security door, self-adhesive surface, stainless steel, etc.

  2. Infrared light works as excitation light source, apply to the identification of potential blood marks, forged cultural relics, burning materials, text verification, and various document types.

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