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MOVEED® Forensic Alternate Light Source(ALS) Photography System OR-GDZ10


. Introduction of the product

    The observation instrument uses imported high brightness LED light source, aviation aluminum alloy housing and high-performance lithium-ion batteries. It is mainly used to observe and take photos of dust fingerprints and fluorescence powder fingerprints. Convenient charging, no memory effect.

. Electrical characteristics

Model: OR-GDZ10,             battery voltage: 3.7V     

Working time: >120 min,         charging current: 500mA        

Magnification times: 5 times,             battery capacity: 1,000mAh  

III. Light source

1. Lighting light: white, green, blue, red, purple. Any four of them are optional.

2. Side light source: white, blue, green, red. Any three of them are optional.

. Three Bandpass Filter

    Red, orange and yellow.

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