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MOVEED® Forensic IR-UV-ALS Directional Reflecting Photography System OR-GZP1000


Product principle:

The photography system of IR & UV directional reflection, using the UV emission principle, through imaging of IR & UV (IR & UV camera), transfers the IR & UV image into the visible light pictures. The product is one directional reflection system researched and developed by integrating the professional single lens reflex. The product is the camera system integrating the following functions: searching, observing, photographing, saving and image processing in real-time etc., which makes the IR & UV photograph more convenient and rapid.

Electrical characteristics:

Battery voltage: DC12.6V

Battery capacity: 6000mAh

Charging current: 1A

UV wavelength: UV-365nm

Power: 48W

Major advantages:

Focal distance adjustable: conducting the focusing imaging within certain distance.

Photograph without contacting material evidence shot: Due to shooting under sunshine rather than in the dark room and without dark room cover.

Have very small destruction to DNA by adopting 365nm UV as well as to users. On the other hand, the UV is controlled in reflection tube as well as one projected after reflection, which even violates the irradiation of UV to users.

The import high-power integration UV LED adopted and air cooling system adopted in heat dissipation make the product close to normal temperature when working, which guarantees the stable work of the ultraviolet light source and long service life, and prevents the vibration.

Products uses:

Applicable for which the latent fingerprint of various smooth objects.

 The product operation introduction:

1. Fix the light source system and camera on the long installation board with tripod equipped, and focus well when finding smooth object, then the UV produces the uniform light effect in terms of the smooth objects. After holder is slightly adjusted, the red area is showed on the camera display screen, at this time, it's the best location for shooting system and smooth objects, then shoot.

2. Change the UV filter before the camera in the IR filter to use IR light, then can conduct the IR document retrieval shooting.

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