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Crime Scene Uniform detection light Source OR-GYG30B


Crime Scene Uniform detection light Source  OR-GYG30B

Product introduction:

It adopts high brightness LED lamp and projector type combined optical lens, which enables it with uniform projection and ultra-wide lighting range. Reflective cup light cannot achieve the uniform projection. Especially suitable for: the workplaces that need uniform lighting or wide lighting range, and can be used for some special purposes, such as the detection of footprints and traces as well as searching ambient environment.

Main parameters:

Switch control: three notches of brightness and one for blinker.

Rated power of light source: ≥12W

Battery capacity: 6.6 Ah

Battery type: lithium battery

Charging time: 8hrs

Working temperature: normal temperature

Light spot uniformity: 80%

Rated operating time: ≥2.5h

At 1 meter: light spot: Φ22mm  

Shell: aluminum alloy

Shell dimension: φ45*275 mm

Net weight: ≥0.72kg

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