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Portable Infrared Night Vision Light Source OR-GIR90

Portable Infrared Light Source   OR-GIR90


Main Parameter:

Ø Wavelength: 850nm/940nm

Ø Power: 90W

Ø Battery Voltage: DC12.6V

Ø Battery Capacity: 5.6Ah

Ø Battery Type: Lithium-ion battery

Ø Charge current: DC12.6V 1A

Ø LED light source: composed of 18 LED spotlight cup.

Ø Switch mode:  

a. on/off(the button to start the self locking, and infrared minimum power opened)

b. Up /Down(the buttons to adjust power respectively)

c. Battery voltage test: when the voltage is saturated, the indicator light is green. When the voltage is the saturation state of 2/3, the indicate light is pink. Below 1/3 for the red light, and to remind the lack of electricity.

Ø Fixed mode: Hand held or fixed on the tripod 1/4interface(3/8can be converted to 1/4) 

Ø Net weight: 1.8KG (including battery)

Ø Size: head: Φ120mm    body: Φ46mm    end: Φ49mm    total length: 312mm

Ø Function: large light exposure area, distant light, with the use of infrared night vision.

Ø Application: applicable to the military, customs, border defense, public security Night reconnaissance and search for evidence.

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