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Forensic Alternate LED Light Source(up to 13wavelengths) OR-GSS300

Forensic Alternate LED Light Source(up to 13wavelengths) 


Main parameters:

Wavelength parameters:

                10W 6500k     3W4500k   

625-630nm     610-615nm    

600-605nm     585-590nm     

515-520nm     535-540nm     

475-480nm     465-470nm

410-415nm     375-380nm  


uniformity of light panel at 1 m: 85%

Light spot diameter at 0.5 m: White light ≥29 cm

Light spot diameter at 1 m: White light ≥55 cm

Dimension: ≤185*74mm


Main characteristics:

  1. It is hand-held operated and its wavelength and irradiation angle can be adjusted by one hand.    
  2. Uniform light output, single lens outputs light spot. No need to adjust light spot.   
  3. Instant startup and wavelength switching.
  4. Integrated design of battery, light source and lens. Easy to carry and use.        
  5. It is equipped with a tripod interface, through which the instrument can be fixed to the tripod for taking photographs.   
  6. Integrated design of white strong light and multi-band light source.
  7. It can rapidly find out various suspicious material evidence, trace, fingerprints, body fluids and semen stains, etc.
  8. Color separation photography can be performed.
  9. Treat the material evidence or its fluorescence with the excitation reagent of a particular wavelength. 

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