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Forensic Handheld Blue Laser(445nm) & Alternate Light Source OR-GSS500

Forensic Handheld Blue Laser(445nm) & Multi-wavelengths Light Source  




1. Manifest the fingerprint, bloodstain, body fluid (seminal fluid, saliva, vaginal secretion and urine trace etc.), fiber, shooting remains, damage, bite mark, hair and micro-trace etc. at various criminal site.

2. Collect the evidence at the site with bad lighting conditions.

3. Discern document security features under the sunshine condition (passport, license and shooting).

4. Confirm the features of the receipt such as bank check etc. (owning the mark of fluorescence).

5. Search for negative reactions with fluorescence traces(such as semen, blood stain, etc.)

6. Direct determination of the external fibers in textiles(The victim's clothes, car seat cover etc.)

7. Inspect together with the chemical treatment in the laboratory.

8. Can also be used as a light distribution equipment of criminal photograph. Overcome the insufficient: the light source is not easy to carry, and the characteristics of light spot impurity, instability, short life and short service time.

9. Information searching of hidden evidence. 


Ø LED is used as the light source, effective lighting, high brightness, and adopt the uniform light lens system, uniform light output, no light grain spot and no color difference. Each wavelength lens, film coating, and high purity of wavelengths.

Ø LED and LASER drived by using constant current control, the brightness of light source is constant, and no brightness changeable.

Ø The shell is made of hard aluminum alloy, hard and durable., drop resistant. One hand can complete the switching wavelength and adjust the irradiation angle.

Ø Visible light & UV light. White light, and laser. Three buttons for switchover.

Main characteristics:

Ø The wavelength can be switched and the irradiation angle can be adjusted by one hand, making it fast for searching.

Ø Uniform light output.

Ø Instant startup and wavelength switching.

Ø Long working time.

Ø Charging is convenient.

Ø Integrated design of white strong light, multi-bands and laser light source meets the requirements of actual use.

Ø Within the detection range, the wavelength of the instrument can be rapidly switched to detect various suspicious material evidence, traces, fingerprints, body fluids, semen stains, etc.

Ø Color separation photography can be performed.

Ø Treat the material evidence or its fluorescence with the excitation reagent of a particular wavelength.

Electrical Parameters:

Voltages: DC12.6V

Battery capacity: 4800mAh

Charging current: 1A

LED power: 

Visible light wavelength: 3W

UV wavelength: 4W

White light: 12W

Laser: 3W

Main Parameters:


Laser: 445nm  

Red: 627nm  

Amber: 590nm  

Green: 530nm  

Cyan: 505nm  

Blue: 470nm  

UV: 415nm 

UV: 400nm 

UV: 365nm  

White light: 6000k-7000k

*Spot diameter at 0.5m:

     Visible light wavelength: 30mm

     UV wavelength: 27mm

     White light: 20mm

     Laser: ≥100mm*100mm

*Uniform light outputs with spot uniformity: ≥85%.


Dia. Of multi-wavelengths head: 90mm

Dia. Of uniform light head: 53mm

Body Dia.: 45mm

Total length: 300mm

Net Weight: 0.46KG(including battery)

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