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Forensic Alternate LED Light Source(up to 10wavelengths) OR-GSS100

Forensic Alternate LED Light Source(up to 10wavelengths) OR-GSS100

Multi-wavelengths Uniform Light Output

Main parameters:

Wavelength parameters:

        517nm/ 470nm/ 500nm/ 620nm/ 635nm/ 590nm/ 370nm/ 405nm/ 415nm          

       White light: 6,000K     

Voltage: 4.2V     Battery capacity: 7,200mAh  

Strong light irradiation time of uniform light: 2.5 hrs

Multi-band irradiation time: 7 hrs

Main characteristics:

  • The wavelength can be switched and the irradiation angle can be adjusted by one hand, making it fast for searching.
  • Uniform light output.
  • Instant startup and wavelength switching.
  • Integrated design of battery, light source and lens makes it easy to carry.
  • Long working time.
  • Charging management is convenient.
  • Integrated design of white strong light and multi-band light source meets the requirements of actual use.
  • Within the detection range, the wavelength of the instrument can be rapidly switched to detect various suspicious material evidence, traces, fingerprints, body fluids, semen stains, etc.
  • Color separation photography can be performed.
  • Treat the material evidence or its fluorescence with the excitation reagent of a particular wavelength.

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