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Forensic Infrared NDT Fingerprint Detecting Instrument OR-GHS100

envelope paper test

napkin paper test

A4 paper test

Forensic Infrared NDT Fingerprint Detecting Instrument OR-GHS100

Main function:

It is used to manifest the sweat fingerprints on all kinds of paper material (such as A4 copy paper, paper boxing material, Napkin paper, kraft paper and so on).

Product features:

1. No need chemical reagent. Therefore, it will not pollute the paper.

2. It can effectively manifest the fingerprints on the kinds of tissue paper that have a loose structure, on which the fingerprints are hardly manifested using traditional method.

3. Fingerprints can be completely manifested, without missing parts, even if the fingerprints with a little sweat can be manifested.

4. Two manifestation methods:

                       A. After treatment, fingerprints are manifested under laser irradiation

          B. After treatment, fingerprints can be seen directly under natural light

Main parameters: 

Rated voltage: AC 220V                 

External dimensions: ≤ length 680 mm * width 450 mm * height 340 mm,

handle:≤ height 37mm  

Sample box dimension: ≥ length 360 mm * width 260 mm * height: 34 mm     

Weight : ≤28kg

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