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Police High Power Flashing Devise Light Source OR-GXM90 MOVEED®

Police High Intensity Lighting & Flashing Device  OR-GXM90


Key technical parameters:

1. Light source: LED   color temperature: 5700K-6000K

2. One-button switch: Microswitch trigger, work mode: Weak light--Strong light--blasting flash 1-blasting flash 2-blasting flash 3-turn off, complete the switch among the functions by one hand.

3. Maximum power: 9*10W, LED use constant current control, the brightness of light source is constant, and no brightness changeable.

4. Max. Illumination of week light at 0.5m: 15000Lx

Max. Illumination of week light at 1m: 4500Lx

Max. Illumination of strong light at 0.5m: 125000Lx

Max. Illumination of strong light at 1m: 35000Lx

5. Continuous working time of strong light: ≥70min

6. Rated voltage: 16.8V   Battery capacity:  ≥5200mAh

7. Weight: 1.6KG

8. Overall dimension: 91*304mm(head 92mmbody 52mm, tail 60mm;  total length 304mm)

Main functions: 

Function: The device has the long-range light function and dazzling function, can conduct the hard light and variable frequency blasting flash to the target person to make the person temporarily dizzy and blind.

Material: Metal resistance to high temperature luminous cup, good light focusing performance, Cree LED, aluminum alloy shell.

Water-proof: Good whole sealing performance, and the charging hole is enclosed.

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