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Police Laser Dazzling Flashlight Light Souce OR-GJG300 MOVEED®

OR-GJG300 Security tail lock Light head protection OR-GJG300

Police Laser Dazzling Flashlight OR-GJG300


Primary usage:

1. Police dazzling device      

2. On-site command and indicating light

Product features:

The focus adjustment function of the flashlight can be adjusted, which means the size of light beam and the distance of focal point can be adjusted according to practical use. Optical port protection can better protect the lens. Tail safety lock ensures safety during operation. It can be used as a dazzling device by enlarging the light spot, and can be used as a command light by narrowing the light spot.

Adjustable focal length, continuous output of light spot    

Adjustable light spot  

Optical port protection, double insurance of the key      

Preventive device for battery reverses connection

Main parameters:

  • Material: hard aluminum
  • Exterior surface treatment: anodic hardening black
  • Switch mode: light touch switch
  • Battery: 2,200mAh lithium battery
  • Wavelength: 532nm
  • Power: 100mw300mw500mw (optional)
    Projection distance: 3,000-20,000 m (the greater the power, the farther the projection)
  • Minimum diameter of light spot: 10M≤Φ5mm
  • Starting time: ≤1 second
  • Working voltage: DC3.7V
    Optimum working temperature:-20~+45
  • Dimension: length: 200mm, cylinder: Φ28.5mm,    head: Φ43.5mm
    Weight: 0.4kg

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